Greg Morgan

Position: Managing Editor

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The Women’s Journal magazines target the women’s market through educational and informational articles. Local professionals can share their knowledge through a series of articles and establish themselves as the area authority.

The evolving Internet (SEO, blogging, etc.) makes articles a must in today’s successful marketing package. Once an article is posted (website, blog, etc.) it works for you 24/7. Nothing sells like expertise!

The Women’s Journal’s articles/ads model the women’s decision-making process in a quick to read, easy to understand, and useful format that caters to today’s busy woman.

Strategic public placement insures distribution into the hands of women. Every time a FREE copy is picked up our contributors/advertisers’ message is delivered and shared.

Developing Relationships . . . Thousands at a Time!

In addition to his duties at The Women’s Journals, Greg is a writer. He has a completed novel and screenplay, and a series of non-fiction booklets. He plans on launching his writer’s website this year.