Christian Klein

Position: President

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Company 119 is an Internet marketing and web design firm based in Chardon, Ohio. We believe that Midwestern talent brings a certain design and flavor that are matched with an unparalleled work ethic and talent, and a strong team determine results online. Utilizing new-media channels and calculated strategies to achieve client goals, we partner with organizations that want the best return for their Internet-based marketing investment.

We work with businesses and non-profits that want their website and Internet marketing to be a strong ambassador, strategically designed to build awareness, quality leads, and bottom line growth. Most of the clients we’ve assisted are great at running their business but grew sick and tired of watching competitors beat them in the search engine, email, or online video marketplaces.

Company 119’s unique approach is based on actual metrics and statistics provided through industry and proprietary tools. At Company 119, we specialize in leveraging tools that will get you the Internet-based attention you want. We don’t do everything, and we don’t pretend to.